PrimeGlobal was proudly named 2021 Sustainable Organization of the year by the International Accounting Bulletin (IAB). We are passionate about promoting Environmental Social Responsibility (ESR) by supporting local environments, promoting diversity, and assisting communities through our staff, member firms, and wider stakeholders. We have continued the proud tradition of creating sustainable events through the PrimeGlobal Planet initiative by reducing the carbon footprint of our events. Through ESR initiatives, we continue to support the environment and local communities, giving back to the cities we visit.

Our Goals

Our Environmental Social Responsibility strategy is linked to the United Nations Sustainability Development Goals (SDGs) and focuses on two main areas:

1) Through our PrimeGlobal Planet initiative, we continue to pledge to organizing green events and lessening our environmental footprint during our international conferences.

2) Through our Local Community Support initiatives, we help local communities by donating food to homeless shelters, building wheelchairs for wounded veterans, and supporting organizations that provide professional training and job placements for youth in underserved communities, and much more.

PrimeGlobal Planet

From carbon emissions to waste management, events have many impacts that can be significant for the environment. We recognize these impacts and are striving to create meetings that leave a positive impact in the communities where our meetings are being held. In an effort to produce meetings that are more sensitive to the environment, we introduced the PrimeGlobal Planet initiative, created to lessen the environmental footprint in the cities we visit.

Producing green events goes beyond specific actions such as recycling, serving local/organic food or reducing printing. A 100% sustainable event incorporates a balanced approach to economic activity, environmental responsibility and social progress.

At each of our events, we always have an ESR initiative which ranges from helping local environmental groups to partnering with charities to make donations to local causes. Our latest video shows our members at an event working in teams and decorating TOMs shoes. In the end we were able to donate 95 pairs of shoes to the Coachella Valley Rescue Mission.

ESR Resources

Our dedicated Environmental Social Responsibility insights hub provides thought leadership, member initiatives and a series of events focused on knowledge sharing and best practices to help our members get started with ESR strategy and implementation, and to support their clients.

We recently launched our B Corp Workbook, in collaboration with member firm Eshuis Accountants en Advisuers. It is the first guidebook to be issued which specifically targets small and mid-size accounting firms to help them get ready to support their clients to take positive steps to address sustainability.

Thought Leadership

Below, you can access thought leadership, PrimeGlobal news, and information about Environmental Social Responsibility initiatives that are being implemented in PrimeGlobal member firms today. Click on an article below to learn more. You can access similar articles on the PrimeGlobal Business Opportunities Insights page.

Stephen Heathcote

United Kingdom


Stephen Heathcote

Chief Executive Officer


Phone: +1 (754) 570-1080

United Kingdom

Stephen Heathcote joined PrimeGlobal in 2019 as Chief Executive Officer. His extensive background in the accounting profession includes undertaking the COO role at the UK Financial Reporting Council, a senior management position at KPMG and over ten years as a key member of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) executive team.

For more information about PrimeGlobal's Environmental Social Responsibility (ESR) activities and the PrimeGlobal Planet initiative, contact PrimeGlobal's CEO, Stephen Heathcote.

If you would like to share news or thought leadership about ESR initiatives at your firm you can submit an article. Find out more about how to submit an article and the benefits to your firm.

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