PrimeGlobal is a community of dynamic, high quality, forward-looking and trusted business advisory and accounting firms. PrimeGlobal’s Strategy 2025 was developed through the biggest stakeholder consultation we have ever had with our member firms. We conducted extensive Regional Council consultation sessions, a number of strategy member roundtables and we engaged over 90% of our member firms on strategic questions through the PrimeGlobal member satisfaction survey. If you are a member please log in to access the full Strategy 2025 document.

Our Strategy 2025 sets out how we will secure a vibrant future for PrimeGlobal member firms, by fulfilling our purpose, realizing our vision and mission, and remaining true to our values.

Our ambition is to ensure that our member firms, and professionals within them, connect and collaborate so that they thrive, by attracting and retaining their target clients, and delivering the quality advice and services their clients need.

One PrimeGlobal

We will operate as one global association, delivering a globally consistent, relevant, and increasingly customized experience for our member firms. Our strong identity and the member firm-guided governance model are at the core of our strategy. We will continue to think globally to ensure our member firms have access to the best support and practices wherever they are, to support growth and deliver our services to the same high standard. Endorsed by 100% of PrimeGlobal member firms represented through the Regional Councils; our Purpose, Values, Vision and Mission help guide a collective commitment to promote growth, learning, collaboration and business opportunities. 

Strategic Themes

To ensure our member firms are able to continue anticipating trends and remain strong for the future, our strategic themes will help us connect members in a meaningful way. Our activities will be grouped around 5 strategic themes to leverage our unique diversity and competitive position, providing our member firms with value that is most relevant to them. 

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