Building an effective and efficient business takes time, resources, and expert knowledge. PrimeGlobal member firms have consistently adapted their practices to react to the current challenges and opportunities that face the accounting profession. As firms are learning new ways to attract and inspire the next generation of professionals, it is now more important than ever to focus on training and skills.

Thought Leadership

Through PrimeGlobal's Thought Leadership, members have access to key insights, crucial information and global opportunities. The culture of sharing within PrimeGlobal means that members are constantly kept up to date with the latest industry trends, best practices and changes happening in the accounting profession. Below you can find articles from PrimeGlobal member firms which look at new and developing business opportunities.


Talent Dvelopment Communities of Practice

Through PrimeGlobal's Communities of Practice Groups, members have access to tools and resources that help firms enhance learning, increase knowledge and share best practices. Below you can access PrimeGlobal's talent development-focused Communities of Practice which will provide you with new opportunities to explore the role of Talent Development in the accounting profession, discuss important trends and discover new virtual learning opportunities.

Worktation Intiaitive

Take part in our new initiative to help retain and attract staff where professionals combine work with vacation, called a ‘workation’.

Professionals work from PrimeGlobal member firms’ offices anywhere globally, make connections with others, meet their work commitments but also benefit from vacation time.

The PrimeGlobal community is ready to welcome colleagues from abroad. Get connected and build relations all over the world!


Through a shared passion for knowledge, PrimeGlobal has collaborated with the Business Learning Institute to create a strategically developed e-library to enhance vital skills for success.

Our exclusive Business Learning Library features a curated catalog of courses on various topics, including leadership, critical thinking and data analytics - all available at a special discounted rate, exclusive to PrimeGlobal members.

Courses are available individually or through our new course bundles offering, where each bundle is topic-focused, containing complementary courses to ensure a well-rounded learning experience. Ownership of courses is a full year and CPE is awarded upon completion.

Driving Change in the Profession

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

As part of PrimeGlobal's Talent Development Insights we have created a hub page which provides members with tools and resources which focus on how to implement DEI strategies in your firm.

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